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Statistics Problem Solver ebook

Statistics Problem Solver Ebook

 By The Staff of REA

 Language: English

 Publish Year : 1978


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Exceptionally useful for all persons taking courses in this field. The subject matter is thoroughly developed, beginning with basic probability and exting through binomial, normal, joint, discrete, and continuous distributions. Other sections deal with sampling, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, regression, and correlation analysis. An extensive number of applications are included.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

HOW TO USE THIS BOOK This book can be an invaluable aid to statistics students as a supplement to their textbooks. The book is divided into 24 chapters, each dealing with a separate topic. The subject matter is developed beginning with basic probability and extending through binomial, normal, joint, discrete, and continuous distributions. Other sections deal with sampling and sampling theory, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, regression and correlation analysis, analysis of variance, and non-parametric methods. An extensive number of illustrated problems involving statistics applications have been included, since these appear to be most troublesome to students. HOW TO LEARN AND UNDERSTANDA TOPIC THOROUGHLY 1. Refer to your class text and read the section pertaining to the topic. You should become acquainted with the principles discussed there. These principles, however, may not be clear to you at the time. 2. Locate the topic you are looking for by referring to the "Table of Contents" in the front of this book. 3. Turn to the page where the topic begins and review the problems under each topic, in the order given. For each topic, the problems are arranged in order of complexity, from the simplest to the more difficult. Some problems may appear similar to others, but each problem has been selected to illustrate a different point or solution method. To learn and understand a topic thoroughly and retain its contents, it will be generally necessary for students to review the problems several times. Repeated review is essential in order to gain experience in recognizing the principles that should be applied, and to select the best solution technique. HOW TO FIND A PARTICULAR PROBLEM To locate one or more problems related to particular subject matter, refer to the index. In using the index, be certain to note that the numbers given there refer to problem numbers, not to page numbers. This arrangement of the index is intended to facilitate finding a problem more rapidly, since two or more problems may appear on a page. If a particular type of problem cannot be found readily, it is recommended that the student refer to the "Table of Contents," and then turn to the chapter which is applicable to the problem being sought. By scanning or glancing at the material that is boxed, it will generally be possible to find problems related to the one being sought, without consuming considerable time. After the problems have been located, the solutions can be reviewed and studied in detail. For the purpose of locating problems rapidly, students shouldacquaint themselves with the organization of the book as found in the "Table of Contents." In preparing for an exam, it is useful to find the topics to be covered in the exam from the "Table of Contents," and then review the problems under those topics several times. This should equip the student with what might be needed for the exam.


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